Latest Customer Comments

17 Aug 17 Your support agent helped me diagnose the problem and I found out the problem was on my end. Thanks.
9 Aug 17 each time I have had to call regarding a problem I was experiencing the help I have received has been excellent, fast and complete. the problem has always been resolved. thank you
9 Aug 17 My questions and concerns are always answered in a professional manner Thanks
9 Aug 17 Please tell andmorofessoonal, thanks.
9 Aug 17 I was receiving monthly emails for my invoices and then they stopped coming and I totally forgot about the last two or three months. The next thing I knew you had shut my service off I called and they explained the reason it was shut off was I hadn't paid the bill. I never receiving any other back due notices. I told them I would pay it immediately and gave them my credit card # for payment. They said they would take care of it but after a couple of hours I called home to see if it was working and my granddaughter said no so I called Sumo again and they said they're still working on it so it took two or three hours to get it reinstated after we talked about it. I hope you will continue to send me monthly invoice by email. I like to keep copies of them, please notify me, send them by email, thank you.
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