21 Jun 17 Jake - thank you for saving One Note. :) I'm enjoying the new set-up.
21 Jun 17 Jake is always wonderful to work with! Thanks so much
12 Jun 17 Great Service - quick and professional - thanks!
12 Jun 17 Thank you for your help!
9 Jun 17 Thank you!
8 Jun 17 I actually thought 'good' was the best of the options, I didn't realize until after I clicked that there was a higher option Gold Star, which I would have selected. For some reason the 3 smiley faces stand out more than the slightly faded gold star, and it doesn't look like gold star is an option.
24 May 17 Nick was incredibly helpful, patient and thorough. This ticket took 2 attempts to figure out but he managed to fix it! Thank you!!!
23 May 17 Jake - thanks for responding so quickly!
18 May 17 Thanks
17 May 17 Thanks
16 May 17 nice
10 May 17 Jake was great as always.
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