Latest Customer Comments

26 Jul 17 The team did a wonderful job! Everything looks great and we truly appreciate their hard work. Thank you!
26 Jul 17 Thanks team!
26 Jul 17 The ladies did a good job today. The laundry room didn't get cleaned though. Was I supposed to leave the door open?
25 Jul 17 Thank you!
25 Jul 17 Thank you
25 Jul 17 The girls seem to be familiar with the house and what I would like done, so all goes well.
21 Jul 17 Good job.
21 Jul 17 Dusting and vacuuming were great this week!
20 Jul 17 Well done!!
19 Jul 17 Looked great and smelled clean!
19 Jul 17 Thank you all for doing such an excellent job! We really appreciate it.
19 Jul 17 Thank you
19 Jul 17 House looked great! Thanks!
18 Jul 17 Great job!
17 Jul 17 They did a really good job, and I appreciated the low odor of cleaning products
17 Jul 17 Great job on the bathrooms. Thanks!
15 Jul 17 The floors are fantastic! Thank you!
14 Jul 17 Great job. Thks so much
14 Jul 17 The team did a superb job and we were thrilled with their work! Thank you all very much for making our home so clean and thank you for our veggie smiley face on the kitchen counter. It really made us smile! We appreciate all your hard work and the extra touches.
14 Jul 17 Terrific job! It's so nice to have Oscar back where he belongs! Thanks for reviving him. I love my team!
14 Jul 17 Thanks to the ladies!!!
13 Jul 17 Great job!
12 Jul 17 Thank you team!
11 Jul 17 The ladies are always very nice and quiet and cheerful. Wouldn't know they are working except for the vacuum cleaner. Many thanks
7 Jul 17 they forgot to vacuum the carpets on the patio
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