Latest Customer Comments

24 May 17 Couldn't be more pleased with Tatiana and her crew! Thank you 😊
24 May 17 Things forgotten: - marks on windows not removed (as well as side windows on front door) - laundry trash can (on wall) not emptied - cobwebs on living room windows Everything else looked great. Thanks!
22 May 17 Great job as always and am recommending you all to everyone
20 May 17 Floors were much better. Thanks.
20 May 17 everyone worked hard and did a great job. They were friendly and still professional. Highly recommend the whole team. Many thanks.
19 May 17 Lisa, I failed to respond after last month's cleaning, but I continue to be very pleased!
19 May 17 Thanks for your hard work!
18 May 17 As usual, stellar job. Thanks!
18 May 17 Great job ladies!!!
18 May 17 Thank you all.
18 May 17 Our first time using the service. A solid job with a few hiccups but all in all we were happy.
17 May 17 The team did a wonderful job, as always! Thank you!!
17 May 17 The team did a great job! I immediately smelled a fresh, clean house when I opened the door! Thanks team!
17 May 17 Thank you!
16 May 17 Belated Happy Mother's Day to all.
16 May 17 :)
14 May 17 They arrived right at 12:30!! So pleased!
13 May 17 The team did well today. Lew
12 May 17 Thanks for taking care of all the blinds and the temperature setting. It was very nice to come home to a clean house.
10 May 17 Thanks! The house looked great!
10 May 17 Very personable nice girls. They always do a good job.
7 May 17 The house looked great, as usual. Some trash and the recycling was not taken out.
5 May 17 Thank you team for a great job!
4 May 17 thank you to the new team...tho I missed seeing Catherine.
4 May 17 Thank You!
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